Art Antiquity and Law October 2015




Recent Developments in the Fight against the Illicit Export of Archaeological Objects: the Operational Guidelines to the 1970 UNESCO Convention
Tullio Scovazzi and Paolo Giorgio Ferri

Possessing Possession: Who Owns Benin Artefacts?
Afolasade A. Adewumi

Not Merely Symbolic Restitution: Constable Beaching a Boat, Brighton
Charlotte Woodhead

Byzantine Frescoes Return to Cyprus
Alexia Ogden

Case Notes

Nostalgia and the Ownership of Historic Transport: Two Cases from New Zealand
In the Matter of the Companies Act 1955 and In the Matter of Inns of New Zealand Ltd (In Liquidation)
Hostick v. The NZ Railway & Locomotive Society Waikato Branch
Katharine Mason

Determining the Intentions of the Testator: Tangled Trusts and Lifetime Gifts
Drakeford v. Cotton and Stain
Katharine Mason

Withdrawal Symptoms
Ange v. First East Auction Holdings Pty Ltd
Paul Stevenson

Gift or Loan?
Examining the Evidence Hrabalek v. Hrabalek
Katharine Mason

Gift or Theft?
Picasso et al. v. Pierre and Daniele L
Anne-Sophie Nardon

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