Art, Antiquity and Law Journal 2018


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Vol XXIII, Issue 1, 2018


Restitution of Cultural Heritage in the European Directives: Towards an Enlargement of the Concept of ‘Cultural Goods’
Marta González-Suárez

What’s Yours Is Mine: The Richard Prince Enigma, Appropriation Art and the Law
Maryam Parsioon

Timbuktu, International Criminal Law and Cultural Heritage Protection
Alexander Herman

Cultural Heritage Protection and Disaster Risk Management in Nigeria: Legal Framework for Promoting Coherence and Efficiency
Afolasade A. Adewumi

Case Notes

On a Handshake: The Gauguin and the Ten Million-Dollar Commission
Case note: ACLBDD Holdings Limited v. Staechelin
Michael Bowmer

Amending the Unwritten Contract: Claims for Commission and Unjust Enrichment
Bing Holdings Inc and Anor v Hue-Williams
Holly Woodhouse

Unauthorised Reproductions of Cultural Heritage: Remedies from the Italian Courts
Eleonora Chielli

New York Court’s Affirmation of Holocaust Expropriated Art Recovery Act Brings Added Challenges to Art Dealers
Case Note: Reif And Fraenkel V Nagy, Supreme Court Of The State Of New York
Alexander Herman

Vol XXIII, Issue 2, 2018


Copyright Protection of Works of Applied Art in China
Jiao Wu

Legal Aspects of Special Exhibitions at Museums in Japan
Makoto Shimada

Ivory and Antiquities: A Tale of Two Trades
Shlomit Heering

Towards a Proactive Legal Protection of Grave Treasures as National Heritage in Nigeria
Afolasade A. Adewumi

Case Notes

No Need to Rush: No Limitation Period for Claims against Directors for Recovery of Assets Converted to their Use
Burnden Holdings (UK) Limited v. Fielding & Anor
Michael Bowmer

Historic Use and Planning Decisions
Travis Perkins (Properties) Limited v. Westminster City Council & Ors
Katharine Mason

Vol. XXIII, Issue 3, October 2018


Colonial Statutes and Statues: Rethinking the Law on Aboriginal Cultural Heritage in New South Wales
Elizabeth Pearson

Landet’s Dilemma: An Essay on the Legal Aspects of the Destruction and Mutilation of Artworks
Juan Javier Negri

Mandatory Title Insurance for Cultural Property: A Solution for Claimants and Owners of Stolen and Looted Art
Johannes Nathan

Hidden Treasure and Forgotten Dreams: the Ownership and Exploitation of Cave Art
Ruth Redmond-Cooper

Case Notes

Striking Gold: the Case of the Shropshire Piano
Geoffrey Bennett

Copyright and the Digital Agenda: the Research Exception in Libraries
Technische Universität Darmstadt v. Eugen Ulmer KG
Holly Woodhouse

Public Interest in Protecting Cultural Heritage vs. Private Interests of Art Owners
(on the application of Simonis) v. Arts Council England
Selda Krasniqi

Auction Houses and Disputed Ownership
Jeddi v. Sotheby’s
Holly Woodhouse