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Art Antiquity and Law is a Quarterly designed for all who value the cultural and historical environment.

The principal aim of the Quarterly is to inform. It exists to tell those who work in the art and antiquity world about the law governing their activities and the policies behind the law. It is founded on the belief, never more confident than today, that cultural life cannot exist in a legal vacuum. In our conviction, all responsible members of the art and history community should be aware of the role which law plays in shaping cultural policy. To understand law, however demanding the task, is to meet its challenges more effectively.

In pursuit of these aims, we have created a periodical which, besides giving an account of new legislation, case-law, public documents and official initiatives, gives considered opinions on more general points of law and practice. We believe that it will enable readers to absorb legal change and to respond coherently to it. We hope that it will also encourage them to think critically about public policy in relation to art and the protection of the past.

Art Antiquity and Law is designed for people who work in areas other than law, as well as for legal practitioners. Many articles are written by non-lawyers who have particular experience of applying or reforming the law. The Quarterly is accessible to collectors, auction houses and market consultants, archaeologists, developers, investors, anthropologists, fund managers, insurers and loss adjusters, solicitors and barristers, university lawyers, local authorities, museum officers, art historians, tax advisers, owners of historic properties and cultural policy advisers.

Vol XXVII, Issue 1, 2022


Nazi-Looted Art: What Israel Can and Should Learn from Germany
Niv Goldberg

Restitution of Nazi-Looted Art: The French Law of 2022
Corinne Hershkovitch

Anti-Money Laundering Measures and ‘Art Market Participants’: Two Years On
Adam Jomeen

The Grip of an Artist Estate on the Secondary Market: Moral Rights and the Importance of Archives

Oliver Lenaerts


Is the Current UK Copyright Framework Sufficient for Protecting Technology in AI-Generated Art?
Asha Lee Jai Singh

Loot as a Lasting Influence in Revolusi! The Openness and Normalcy of Seizure
Elsbeth Dekker

Case Note

Armenia v. Azerbaijan
Alexander Herman

Seminar Reports

Exporting Art
Emily Gould

Heritage and Sustainability
Emily Gould

Book Review

Restitution: The Return of Cultural Artefacts by Alexander Herman
Leora Bilsky

Film Review

The Duke
Geoffrey Bennett

Vol XXVII, Issue 2, 2022


NFTs: An Overview of Law and Regulation in 2022 and Beyond
Emily Gould

Buying Investment Art: Authenticity, Risk and a Four-Proof Framework
Rod Thomas

Benin Bronzes: Germany-Nigeria Joint Declaration
Alexander Herman

Case Notes

The Long Road to Justice for the Cassirer Family and Its Plundered Pissarro
Cassirer v. Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection Foundation
Stephanie Drawdy

Extension of Time for Service Outside the Jurisdiction
Qatar Investment and Project Development Holding Co. and His Highness Sheikh Hamad Bin Abdullah Al Thani v. Phoenix Ancient Art S.A.
Alexander Herman

Copyright and Fictional Characters
Shazam Productions Limited v. Only Fools the Dining Experience Limited
Emily Gould and Ruth Redmond-Cooper

Book Review

Contested Heritage: Removing Art from Land and Historic Buildings by Richard Harwood QC, Catherine Dobson and David Sawtell
Emily Gould

Vol XXVII, Issue 3, 2022


Museums, Restitution and the New Charities Act
Alexander Herman

The HEAR Act: An Underutilised Tool for Recovering Holocaust-Looted Art is Scheduled Soon to Partially Expire
Martin Bienstock, Esq.

Case Notes

Heirs of Pilfered Welfenschatz Persist in Battle against German Foundation
Philipp, et al., v. Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz
Stephanie Drawdy

Principles Applicable for Issuing Search Warrants at the Request of
a Foreign Jurisdiction
Al Hajjeh v. Westminster Magistrates’ Court
Sinéad Esler Patel


Restitution and Repatriation: A Practical Guide for Museums in England
Arts Council England

Vol XXVII, Issue 4 2022


Noli Me Tangere: Refining Québec’s Immunity From Seizure Legislation for Cultural Objects
François Le Moine

The Fine Art of Fraud
Natalia Faekova, Michelle George, Laurence Lieberman

Moral Rights of Artists in the German Legal System
Adrienne Bauer

Case Note

A New Approach in Dutch Restitution Cases
Binding Opinion regarding Stern-Lippmann/Eindhoven City Council II
Tabitha Oost