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Art Antiquity and Law is a Quarterly designed for all who value the cultural and historical environment.

The principal aim of the Quarterly is to inform. It exists to tell those who work in the art and antiquity world about the law governing their activities and the policies behind the law. It is founded on the belief, never more confident than today, that cultural life cannot exist in a legal vacuum. In our conviction, all responsible members of the art and history community should be aware of the role which law plays in shaping cultural policy. To understand law, however demanding the task, is to meet its challenges more effectively.

In pursuit of these aims, we have created a periodical which, besides giving an account of new legislation, case-law, public documents and official initiatives, gives considered opinions on more general points of law and practice. We believe that it will enable readers to absorb legal change and to respond coherently to it. We hope that it will also encourage them to think critically about public policy in relation to art and the protection of the past.

Art Antiquity and Law is designed for people who work in areas other than law, as well as for legal practitioners. Many articles are written by non-lawyers who have particular experience of applying or reforming the law. The Quarterly is accessible to collectors, auction houses and market consultants, archaeologists, developers, investors, anthropologists, fund managers, insurers and loss adjusters, solicitors and barristers, university lawyers, local authorities, museum officers, art historians, tax advisers, owners of historic properties and cultural policy advisers.


Vol XXVIII, Issue 1 (April), 2023

This Special Issue was guest-edited by Elena Cooper (Senior Research Fellow) and Steph Scholten (Director, Hunterian Art Gallery) from the University of Glasgow.


Limitations on Art Collections: Rethinking Donor Restrictions on Galleries and Museums – Elena Cooper and Steph Scholten

A “Scheme of my Protection”: Rosalind Birnie Philip (1873-1958) and the History of the James McNeill and Beatrix Whistler Collection at the University of Glasgow – Alicia Hughes

Legacy of the Burrell Lending Code – Duncan M. Dornan

An Archaeology of Intentions? The Rosalind Birnie Philip Gift at the University of Glasgow Before a Horizon of Comparative Analysis from Turner to Barnes – Grischka Petri

Donor Restrictions and Whistler’s Portrait of Lady Eden: Reappraising Whistler v. Eden (1897) – Elena Cooper

Vol XXVIII, Issue 2 (July), 2023


The UK’s Statue Wars: Can Human Rights Law Assist in Their Resolution? – Peter Cumper and Tom Lewis

The Fine Art of Acquiring Authentic Artworks – Gemma Broughall, Natalia Faekova, Ilana Granditer and Laurence Lieberman

Theories of Taking and Legal Spheres of Property – Pepita Béchet

The Return of the Holy Doors of St Anastasios from the Kanazawa College of Art – Andreas Giorgallis

Book Reviews

Art Law and the Business of Art, 2nd edition by Martin Wilson – Stephanie Drawdy

The Art of Copying Art by Penelope Jackson – Rod Thomas

Vol XXVIII, Issue 3 (October), 2023


Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage in Climate Displacement: Lessons from the South Pacific – Kristin Hausler and Alina Holzhausen

Developments (Or Devolutions?) in Australia’s First Nations Art and Cultural Heritage Law – Elizabeth Pearson

Plunder and Prize in 1812 Java: The Legality and Consequences for Research and Restitution of the Raffles Collections – Gareth Knapman and Sadiah Boonstra

Case Notes

The Supreme Court’s Warhol Decision: The Importance of Attribution Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts v. Goldsmith – Molly Stech

Kitchen-Sink Drama: Claim Over Sale of Chardin Painting Ends in Failure (Feilding and Anor v. Simon C. Dickinson Ltd) – Michael Bowmer

Vol XXVIII, Issue 4 (December), 2023


Resale Restrictions in the Contemporary Art Market
Aaron Taylor

The Limits on the Commercial Reproduction of Italian Cultural Heritage Chiara Gallo

Case Notes

Removal of Artworks from the Lost Art Database: The Approach of the German Courts – Pierre Valentin

Sale of a Private Collection in Austria: Tax Implications
Johanna Hoyos

Book Reviews

The Parthenon Marbles Dispute by Alexander Herman
Lewis McNaught

Kunst voor das Reich: Op Zoek Naar Nazi Roof Kunst Uit Belgie by Geert Sels Amber Gardyn and Prof. dr. Bert Demarsin