An afternoon of ‘Art on the Move’ at Maurice Turnor Gardner

Posted on: June 25, 2019 by

Last Wednesday, the Institute of Art & Law together with Maurice Turnor Gardner hosted a number of talks and panels on the topic of ‘art on the move’ and the legal issues involved from title and export controls to bailment and the impact of Brexit.

Speaking to a packed room, MTG’s and IAL’s teams were joined by guest speakers from the Arts Council England (Anastasia Tennant), the Victoria & Albert Museum (Nickos Gogolos), as well as  5 Stone Buildings Barrister Chambers (Luke Harris).

Aside from discussing cutting-edge topics in the various fields, such as the recent DCMS consultation on export controls, to which IAL responded, and the possible implications of Brexit on the notion of frustration of contract, following the pending appeal in Canary Wharf v. European Medicines Agency, guests attending the seminar also had the opportunity to ask a number of questions to the speakers and benefit from their expertise.

Geoffrey Bennett, Senior Fellow IAL

 In this regard, the Institute of Art & Law together with Maurice Turnor Gardner would like to thank all those who attended. The invaluable contributions made to the discussion by various members of the art trade, lawyers and museum professionals are what make these seminars so lively and enriching.

If you would like to attend a similar event, the Institute of Art & Law is hosting another edition of its highly sought-after Study Forums coming Saturday, 29th June 2019, at the Centre for Commercial Legal Studies (CCLS) of Queen Mary University London, at 67-69 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, WC2A 3JB. A few remaining tickets can still be booked here. Members should use their discount code at checkout. IAL distance learning students can attend for free.

Images credit: (top centre) Laura Pettit, Marketing and Business Development at Maurice Turnor Gardner; (individual speaker) Institute of Art & Law.