2016 IAL Diploma course begins next month

Posted on: January 15, 2016 by

The Institute of Art & Law’s Diploma in Art Profession Law and Ethics course (DipAPLE) is set to begin next month, comprising seven monthly sessions running from February to July 2016.

DipAPLE, which has been running for ten years, is an intensive and interactive course open both to lawyers and professionals from the art market or museum world. The seven sessions offered this year are as follows:

Session 1 – Copyright and Moral Rights (6 February 2016)

Topics include: artists’ rights in their creations, copyright subsistence and duration, rights in photographs of artworks, copyright infringement, fair dealing and other exceptions, moral rights. (Please note that the Artist’s Resale Right will now be covered in Session 6.)

Presenters: Alexander Herman (IAL) and Emily Gould (IAL)

Session 2 – Art Crime: Villains and Victims (5 March 2016)

Topics include: theft and the recovery of stolen art, dealing in looted antiquities, handling stolen goods and the proceeds of crime, art and obscenity laws, heritage crime.

Presenters: Charley Hill, Tony Baumgartner (Clyde & Co), Nicholas Querée, Tom Lewis (Nottingham Trent University), Emily Gould (IAL)

Session 3 – Title and Civil Recovery (2 April 2016)

Topics include: title acquisition in stolen artworks, transfer of title in foreign jurisdictions, art recovery actions and the tort of conversion, stolen or missing art and limitation periods, art authentication, misattribution and the tort of negligence.

Presenters: Luke Harris (3 Stone Buildings), Alexander Herman (IAL)

Session 4 – Repatriation: Curbing the Illicit Trade and Redressing Past Wrongs (7 May 2016)

Topics include: international cultural property conventions, Holocaust-looted art, repatriation of human remains, the EU rules on cultural property.

Presenters: Kevin Chamberlain CMG, Hetty Gleave (Hunters Solicitors), Alexander Herman (IAL)

Session 5 – Ethics, Soft Law, ADR and Museum Disposal (4 June 2016)

Topics include: museum codes and ethical obligations, statutory restrictions on museum disposals, the role of ADR in cultural property disputes, art arbitration

Presenters: Janet Ulph (Leicester University), Emily Gould (IAL), Alexander Herman (IAL)

Session 6 – Managing Cultural Assets: Tax, Contracts and Artist’s Resale Right (25 June 2016)

Topics include: tax and cultural assets, art contracts and licensing, the artist’s resale right.

Presenters: Elizabeth Emerson (Shearman and Sterling), Simon Stokes, Alexander Herman (IAL), Emily Gould (IAL)

Session 7 – Sites, Monuments, Treasures and Finds (16 July 2016)

Topics include: the law of sites and monuments, the law of treasure, the rights of finders of cultural objects.

Presenters: Richard Harwood QC CBE (39 Essex Chambers), Tony Baumgartner (Clyde & Co)

The cost of enrolment on the course is £1800 (this includes VAT) and all classes will be held at Notre Dame University, London campus, 1 Suffolk Street, London, UK SW1Y 4HG.

To book one of the remaining spots on the course, go here.