Written Heritage of Mankind in Peril – Conference, 26 June

Posted on: April 24, 2015 by

The Institute of Art and Law, the Union Internationale des Avocats and the British Library present a one-of-a-kind conference on the theft, retrieval, sale and restitution of rare books, maps and manuscripts. The conference is entitled The Written Heritage of Mankind in Peril and will take place at the Conference Centre of the British Library in London on Friday, 26 June 2015.

The theft of and illicit trafficking in rare books, maps and manuscripts looted from sovereign and other libraries and similar repositories around the world is a global problem that threatens the preservation of the recorded history of mankind. Remarkably, however, there have been few conferences devoted to the examination of the many issues that pertain to this problem. This conference will be the first of its kind and will bring together experts from around the world to discuss the issues relating to the theft of mankind’s ‘written heritage’.

For a full programme and to book a spot, visit the conference’s page on the British Library website.

The cost of attending is £60.