Picasso painting to stay in Four Seasons Restaurant… for now

Posted on: May 9, 2014 by

In Manhattan, Justice Matthew Cooper of the New York State Supreme Court ruled recently to prevent the owners of the Seagram Building from removing, at least for the time being, a stage curtain painted by Picasso stating there is ‘clearly a danger of irreprable injury’.

The painting, known as Le Tricorne was executed by Picasso in 1919 as a theatre curtain for the Diaghlev ballet. It has alledgely hung in the entrance of the restaurant since its opening in July 1959.

The restaurant enjoys the status of the City’s Landmarks Preservation Commission.  However, the art in the restaurant, despite its long association with the restaurant, does not enjoy the same status.

The case stems from a dispute between the owner of the building and an association of landmark conservationists, the New York Landmark Conservancy, which owns the canvas.  The building owners claim it necessary to remove the painting for repair of leakage in the wall, which is challenged by the Plaintifs.