New photo from Stik street art presentation

Posted on: February 24, 2016 by

We’ve added a new photo to the post about the street art taken from Gdansk, Poland that has since shown up for sale at Lamberty Gallery in London. This shows the work’s principal creator, British street artist Stik, with one of his Polish associates, “Miss Take”, who had helped create the piece in 2011. Stik had worked with young artists from the local community, including Miss Take, who brought their own contributions to the collective work.


The photo was taken following Stik’s talk at the IAL’s Study Forum of 28th November 2015, which was hosted at Notre Dame University in London. Stik spoke on the street art panel and was supported by a testimonial from Miss Take about how much the experience of working on the 2011 mural had meant to her – and how devastating it had been to learn of the work being offered for sale in its present state in London.

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