Heritage and Sustainability seminar – 29 March 2022

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We are pleased to announce that our postponed seminar called ‘Heritage & Sustainability: Legal issues in protecting cultural and natural heritage for future generations’ will now be running online on 29 March 2022. This seminar will cover all the major issues that touch upon sustainability and the historic environment.

The presentation titles and speakers will be as follows:

  • ‘Safeguarding the world’s cultural and natural heritage: Target 11.4 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals’, Jyoti Hosagrahar, Deputy Director, World Heritage Centre, UNESCO
  • ‘Can Venice be Saved?’, Anna Somers Cocks, former Chair of Venice in Peril Fund and Founder, The Art Newspaper
  • ‘Bropho v WA (1990, High Court of Australia): The role of Australian State Governments in the Destruction and Protection of Indigenous and Environmental Heritage’, Dr Steven Churches, Barrister, Elliott Johnston Chambers
  • ‘Sustainable Tourism and Heritage in the Middle East’, Fionnuala Rogers, Consultant, Constantine Cannon and Founder and Director, Canvas Art Law 
  • ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development’, Professor Federico Lenzerini, Professor of International Law and Human Rights at the Department of Political and International Sciences of the University of Siena and Rapporteur of the International Law Association’s Committee on the Implementation of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples 
  • ‘Lions under the Runway:  Reviewing decision making and sustainable development in Infrastructure Planning’, Jill Campion, University of Cambridge
  • ‘Challenges for sustainable tourism and preservation of cultural and natural heritage in Spain’, Marta Suárez Mansilla, Founder & CEO of Art World Law


Date and time: 29 March 2022, 12.00 pm to 4.00 pm UK time (online via Zoom)

Cost: £60.00 (incl UK VAT). 50% off for IAL, UKRG and BADA members.


This event qualifies for CPD/CLE points.

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