From Scotland to the World – April 2024

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The Institute of Art and Law, CREATe (University of Glasgow) and The Hunterian (University of Glasgow) are delighted to announce their collaboration in convening two events to take place in Glasgow on 18 and 19 April 2024 under one overarching theme, From Scotland to the World.


FIRST EVENT – Donor Restrictions on Galleries and Museums.

Location: The Hunterian Gallery, Gilmorehill Campus, University of Glasgow.

Date: Thursday 18th April

Time: 5.30-6.30pm

Cost: Free

This event is a result of the collaboration of CREATe, The Hunterian and the Institute of Art and Law on the April 2023 Special Issue of Art Antiquity and LawDonor Restrictions on Galleries and Museums, guest-edited by Elena Cooper (CREATe), Steph Scholten (The Hunterian) and Ruth Redmond-Cooper (general editor). This event is made possible by funding from the University of Glasgow’s Knowledge Exchange Fund (GKE) for the project: Interpreting Donor Restrictions: Going Beyond Whistler’s ‘Portrait of Lady Eden’.

How to register: Click here to sign up for the 18 April event.


SECOND EVENT – Repatriation and Museums

Location: Kelvin Hall, 1445 Argyle Street, Glasgow, G3 8AW

Date:  Friday 19th April

Time: 9am-5pm

Cost: free

This conference will discuss the current best practice on museum repatriation with leading practitioners working in cultural heritage discussing case studies from all over the world and addressing diverse questions around legal and ethical frameworks, community engagement, intellectual property, museum practice and more.

Speakers for the conference include:

  • Neil Curtis, Head of Museums and Special Collections, University of Aberdeen;
  • Duncan Dornan, Head of Museums and Collections, Glasgow Life;
  • John Giblin, Head of Global Arts, Culture and Design, National Museums of Scotland;
  • Kristin Hausler, Dorset Fellow and Director of International Law, British Institute of International and Comparative Law;
  • Alexander Herman, Director, Institute of Art and Law;
  • Iain Johnston, Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies;
  • Jason Lyons, Director, Return of Cultural Heritage, Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies;
  • Churnjeet Mahn, Professor and Deputy Associate Principal, University of Strathclyde;
  • Pinar Oruç, CREATe Fellow and Lecturer in Law, University of Manchester;
  • Amy Parent, Associate Professor, Simon Fraser University (online speaker);
  • Christa Roodt, Senior Lecturer, History of Art, University of Glasgow;
  • Shani Roper, Curator, UWI Museum, The University of the West Indies;
  • Mike Rutherford, Zoology Curator, The Hunterian; Steph Scholten, Director, The Hunterian, University of Glasgow;
  • Chanté St Clair Inglis, Director of Heritage, Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (former Head of Collections Services, National Museums of Scotland);
  • Giovanna Vitelli, Head of Collections & Curatorial, The Hunterian;
  • Andrea Wallace, CREATe Fellow and Associate Professor, University of Exeter;
  • Georgina Young, Head of Collections and Exhibitions, Manchester Museum.

This event is funded through CREATe by an Arts and Humanities Research Council grant awarded to CREATe (GBP1million, 2024-2028) as UK research infrastructure.

Registration: Click here to sign up for the 19 April conference.