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Siyi Wu, an LLM holder in Art, Business and Law, seamlessly blends her passion for art with legal acumen in her academic and professional careers. While working at the Art Loss Register, she significantly contributed to the return of lost artefacts. She is currently the Legal and Compliance Administrator at Bonhams.

Bridging Cultures and Restoring Heritage: My Journey with the Lost Western Zhou Dynasty Artefact – Feng Xingshu Gui

Posted on: April 2, 2024 by Siyi Wu

In the captivating world of art restitution and repatriation, each artefact whispers tales of ancient times and distant lands, waiting to be heard. Among these, the story of the recently repatriated Feng Xingshu Gui (丰刑叔簋) stands out – a narrative not just of rediscovery but of bridging cultures and epochs. My tenure at the Art […]