Commentary on the Unidroit Convention


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by Lyndel V. Prott

Published in 1997, 145 Pages. ISBN: 0-9531696-0-X

The UNIDROIT Convention is now in force in several countries, and other States are actively considering ratification. If you deal with a country where the Convention applies, do you fully understand what UNIDROIT means for you? Which transactions are caught? What are the time limits? This article by article Commentary, written by an expert with decades of experience with the problems of illicit traffic in cultural objects, answers these questions and responds to criticisms which have been made of the Convention.


1. Relationship to the UNESCO Convention
2. General Issues
3. Title
4. Preamble
5.-14. Articles 1 to 10
15. Final Clauses
16. Conclusion


1. List of Unidroit Documents
2. Preliminary Draft Convention (Loewe)
3. Preliminary Draft Convention (Study Group)
4. Draft Convention 1993
5. Consolidated Table of Participation in Illicit Traffic Instruments
6. Meaning of “Indigenous Peoples”
7. Map of Indigenous Peoples
8. Commonwealth Scheme
9. Hague Convention 1954 and Protocol
10. UNESCO Convention 1970
11. European Directive 1993
12. Case Note: De Préval v. Adrian Alan Ltd
13. Case Note: Autocephalous Greek Orthodox Church v. Goldberg

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