Art Antiquity and Law March 1998


Volume III, Issue 1 (March 1998)


The Consequences for the Netherlands of the UNIDROIT Convention
by Menno van Gaalen and Albert Verheij

A Comment on the Return of Indigenous Artefacts
by Gregory J. Tolhurst

A Lost Art Collection (Estonia)
by Anu Laansalu

Mediation and Art Disputes
by Sir Anthony Mason AC KBE

The National Treasures Exception in Article 36 of the EC Treaty
by Irini A. Stamatoudi

The Cross-Border Movement of Art: Can & Should it be Stemmed?
by George Ortiz

Case Notes

United States Court Issues Important Ruling on Antiquities (United States of America v. An Antique Platter of Gold, known as a Gold Phiale- Steinhardt)
by Peter D.C. Mason


Treasure Act 1996: Code of Practice

UNESCO: Afgan Heritage Concern

Conference Reports

Cultural Tensions: The Case of Museums
by Tim Schadla-Hall

Art on the Move
by Katherine Sykes

Who Controls the Dead?
by Katherine Sykes

UNESCO Convention for Protection of World Cultural and Natural Heritage

Book Reviews

Commentary on the UNIDROIT Convention 1995, by Lyndel V. Prott
by Professor Colin Renfrew

Jennie Lee: A Life, by Patricia Hollis
by Tim Schadla-Hall


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