Guidelines for submissions to Art Antiquity and Law

The IAL welcomes submission of papers for consideration for publication in our quarterly journal Art Antiquity and Law. Papers should generally relate to topical matters of art and cultural heritage law including updates to relevant legislation, case-law, governmental initiatives or more general areas of law and practice.

Please submit papers in Word format to They should usually be between 5,000 and 20,000 words in length, though longer or shorter submissions can be considered. We are happy to receive abstracts, summaries or initial skeleton plans with a view to advising on suitability.

Articles may include images and illustrations which should be submitted separately in high-resolution format, preferably JPEG or TIFF.  It is the responsibility of the author to ensure any necessary permissions have been obtained for the reproduction of any text or image provided.

Submissions should follow the IAL stylesheet.

Articles will be reviewed and considered by members of the IAL Editorial Board, whose decision on publication will be final.

Authors should be aware that, should their article be selected for publication, they will be expected to enter into an author contract with IAL on standard terms. Such terms will include an assignment of copyright.