Art Antiquity and Law September 1999


Volume IV, Issue 3 (September 1999)


The Treasure Act and Portable Antiquities Scheme: A Progress Report
by Roger Bland

The Merchant, the Thief and the Citizen: the Circulation of Works of Art within the European Union
by Andrea Biondi

A Disturbing International Convention: UNIDROIT
by Pierre Lalive

Understanding One Another on Cultural Rights
by Lyndel V. Prott

Case Notes

The Rights of the Disappointed Gallery – Queensland Art Gallery Board of Trustees v. Henderson Trout
by Keith M. Stanton

Limited Liability and the Director’s Warranties – Ojjeh v. Waller and Galerie Moderne
by Anthony H. Hudson

Natural Law in the Ascendancy: Forced Auction Title Defect; a German Law Case Study
by David L. Carey Miller and Nancy Leidiger

A Postscript to the Denney Collection
by Antony F. Anderson

Conference Reports

Legal Problems in Museum Administration
by Martha Lufkin

Art, Antiquity and the Law: Preserving our Global Heritage
by Patrick O’Keefe

How Much is Enough?
by Katherine Sykes

Information Technology and Copyright: a Forum on the Revision of China’s Copyright Law
by Li Mingde


Report on Looted Jewish Cultural Property

Council of Europe, Parliamentary Assembly, Committee on Culture and Education

German Legislation: Implementation of the EC Directive on the Return of Cultural Objects

Austrian Legislation: Return of Cultural Objects (Nazi-Looted Cultural Objects)


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