Art Antiquity and Law December 1998


Volume III, Issue 4 (December 1998)


Exercising Due Diligence in Art Transactions
by Janet Ulph

Access to Cultural Properties vs. Conservation: the New Italian Law for Pompei
by Andrea Accornero

Protection of Discovered Antiquities in Finland
by Tini Peterzens-Nysten

Art, Digitisation and Copyright: Some Current Issues
by Simon Stokes

Art, Antiques and the Fruits of Crime: Laundering, Investigations and Confiscation (Part I)
by Ian Snaith

The Council of Europe Recommendation on Historic Complexes
by Patrick O’Keefe


Case Notes

Communal Interests in Copyright to Australian Aboriginal Art (Bulun Bulun v. R&T Textiles Pty Ltd)
by Andrew T. Kenyon

Misappropriation and Skulduggery in Germany and Russia: the Case of Wtewael’s The Holy Family (City of Gotha v. Sotheby’s and Cobert Finance)
by Antony Mair

Lenders, Borrowers and the Insurance of Art Works (Blundell v. State of New South Wales)
by Norman E. Palmer

Conference Report

Third Forum UNESCO: University and Heritage
by Andrew T. Kenyon


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