Art Antiquity and Law April 2019


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Vol XXIV, Issue 1, 2019


Balancing Markets, Morals and Law: The Fight to Regulate Illicit Trafficking in Cultural Goods and the EU Regulation on the Import of Cultural Goods
Maja R. J. Dehouck

Breaking New Ground in Belgium: How Legal Tradition Handles Treasure Finds and Proposed Reforms
Lucie Lambrecht and Zacharias Mawick

Holocaust Era Cultural Property Looting: the United States and the Washington Principles
Lindsey Blair

A Look at Moral Rights under Brazilian Law: A Tropical Hot Bed?
Julia Rodrigues Casella Hommes

On the Right of the Government of Malta to Restrict the Movement of Cultural Objects Situated in Malta
Nicholas de Gaetano

Conference Reports

Institute of Art and Law Study Forum, 23rd February 2019
Emily Gould

Art, Law and Politics Symposium, Cambridge, 2nd March 2019
Chris King

Book Review

The Law of Treasure by A.G. Guest
Geoffrey Bennett