Art Antiquity and Law April 2015


Volume XX, Issue 1 (April 2015)


Japan’s Law for Protection of Cultural Properties and the Great Earthquake of 2011
Makoto Shimada

Impacting Heritage Crime: the Metropolitan Police Service’s City of Westminster West End Impact Zone Initiative
Gertrude M. Prescott

Legal Protection of Chinese Cultural Relics: A Justification for the Return
Hui Zhong

Blessed are those who Kept the Story for the Next Generations
Svetlana Petrova

Excavation at Gordian: A Glimpse into the Work of a Modern-Day
Archaeologist and the Challenges of Illegal Excavations and Looting
Interview with Kathryn R. Morgan conducted by Nina M. Neuhaus

Case Notes

The Applicability of Presumptions
Baxter v. Barnes
Katharine Mason

Archaeological Sites and Anti-Social Behaviour
R. v. West
Katharine Mason

The Duties of a Mortgagee over Chattels Left on Mortgaged Properties
Da Rocha Afodu v. Mortgage Express Ltd
Katharine Mason


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